Weapons: The 5 Weapons Available to Adventure Travelers

This video shows five weapons available to you as a world traveler, weapons airport security (TSA) will allow on planes.

Wade from VagabondJourney.com asked me, "Andy, when do you need a weapon?"

I replied, "Trust me, you know when you need a weapon because you spend all your time thinking about finding a weapon."

weapons for travelers

Here are five weapons available to all travelers, and you can carry them with you on the plane, train, bus or walking down the street.

The TSA (and other airport security) is going to allow all of them on the plane, so do not worry.

Why Do Adventure Travelers Need Weapons?

1. Weapons slow down attackers and make them think twice before they attack you. Most criminals want soft targets, people who do not fight back.

2. The weapons are used to cause enough pain to distract your attacker and let you escape.

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Thank you,

Andy Lee Graham 

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They moved me from one collective taxi to another, and the new driver was angry with the prior one. And, decided he would leave the city and pick up passengers along the way, and dumb luck, there were none to be found for 20 miles. Normally, there are quite a few, but a van had came through and picked them up, so my driver was just having a bad day. I was sitting in the front in the passenger seat, and anytime one man or person is sitting right behind me, this is not good, or safe. Most crimes happen with one or two people, to have 3-5 agree is difficult, and they need to be isolated, and driving between cities is isolation. In the end, the taxi filled up, and I relaxed.


Wonderful video, I live in Central America, am well over 60 now and sold my vehicle long ago, so always carry a pen with me walking or on the bus, always an umbrella during the rainy season and have a walking stick for remote areas, long ago in the 1960s an Aunt of mine from Canada moved to Mexico City with her husband who managed a Canadian company there, my Aunt loved shopping in crowded Tepito Market in Central Mexico City so she had crafted a cane with lead inside, only had to use it once, the attacker was identified later by locals in the market who knew my Aunt, the thief who was found in a nearby hospital ER, will never have children, my Aunt she was hustled away by the people working in the market, next week she was there. When I drive from USA to Guatemala alone in 1986, had to carry cash and travelers checks in those days of no ATMs on Latin highways, so if you are a member message me for how 95 of my cash was hidden, by the way I was robbed twice enroute by Mexican Federales, but only selective items. 99.9 of my time spent as an ex pat and traveler, no incidents, sometimes s--t happens, to everyone, anywhere, so be prepared. Happy Travels.

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