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A first video about Situational Awareness done in Sosua DR. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qch8HefuIug

I also had this problem in Phoenix. I was driving and stopped at a light when a low rider car with 4/5 punks in it stopped closely next to . They started to demand I get out of the car and leave my money as they flashed their knives.

The old saying then came into play, dont bring a knife to a gun fight.

Its legal to carry a loaded weapon in plain sight in AZ. I had my .38 next to me on the passenger seat, in a holster. I picked it up and pointed it at them and let them know I was ready to use it.

The driver floored it through the still red light.

I do not like to carry a gun around but until laws change I will protect myself. Also for any who may question if I know what Im doing, yes, Im a former Nam Marine.

I saw a mugging in Rome once and helped the lady after they ran off with her purse until the police showed up.
No one else had made a move, they were to far away for me to run after.
She was carrying her purse like a lot of women do, swinging it in her hand as she walked.

Andy, make the movie and try to see it gets out everywhere you can. Great idea.

Oh, I suspect I would be a good victim if the lady in the pic was near my line of sight.

That is using Target Fixation in reverse, good move.

Please do get the video made,there are way too many target fixated tourist getting hurt.
I lived in Detroit many years ago, and to show you how target fixation can be used to your advantage I was coming back from an after hours place with my GF. We were stopped by a guy with a knife who hoped to mug us. My GF pulled up her T-shirt and flashed her tits, and I hit the guy. I still have his knife but sadly not the GF.


I am studying Target Fixation versus Situational awareness.

Wonderful video, I live in Central America, am well over 60 now and sold my vehicle long ago, so always carry a pen with me walking or on the bus, always an umbrella during the rainy season and have a walking stick for remote areas, long ago in the 1960s an Aunt of mine from Canada moved to Mexico City with her husband who managed a Canadian company there, my Aunt loved shopping in crowded Tepito Market in Central Mexico City so she had crafted a cane with lead inside, only had to use it once, the attacker was identified later by locals in the market who knew my Aunt, the thief who was found in a nearby hospital ER, will never have children, my Aunt she was hustled away by the people working in the market, next week she was there. When I drive from USA to Guatemala alone in 1986, had to carry cash and travelers checks in those days of no ATMs on Latin highways, so if you are a member message me for how 95 of my cash was hidden, by the way I was robbed twice enroute by Mexican Federales, but only selective items. 99.9 of my time spent as an ex pat and traveler, no incidents, sometimes s--t happens, to everyone, anywhere, so be prepared. Happy Travels.

They moved me from one collective taxi to another, and the new driver was angry with the prior one. And, decided he would leave the city and pick up passengers along the way, and dumb luck, there were none to be found for 20 miles. Normally, there are quite a few, but a van had came through and picked them up, so my driver was just having a bad day. I was sitting in the front in the passenger seat, and anytime one man or person is sitting right behind me, this is not good, or safe. Most crimes happen with one or two people, to have 3-5 agree is difficult, and they need to be isolated, and driving between cities is isolation. In the end, the taxi filled up, and I relaxed.

Really liked this video. I always have a pen with me to write notes, but never considered it a potential weapon - or tool of defense - until now. Thanks!

While in Grenada, aggressive dogs were a serious problem so I always had a walking stick with me. Every house had an angry mutt to deter theft and you couldnt walk anywhere without setting them off. Took one nasty encounter without a stick to change my ways.

What happened with that cab ride, anyway?

I liked this article!

OOPS, forgot to write in that the weapon used on my hand was a wooden ruler.

I went to a Catholic elementary school in the 40s with nuns for teachers. I remember an incident that pretty much changed the way I thought of organized religion for the rest of my life. I did something disruptive in class. 3rd or 4th grade and it was really minor.
The nun had me come to the front of the class where she said I needed to be punished. She then said something like, ask Gods forgiveness as she whacked my hand a few times, quite hard enough to make it red and it hurt but I refused to cry as I gritted my teeth.
As she did this she also said, remember that God loves you.
IAt the end of this wonderful inquisition type of punishment I then was sent to the principals office because I said,
if God loves me why are you hurting me in His name, He doesnt love me. (Im paraphrasing a bit as this was i the early 40s) but it did happen.
Ahhh, the good old days of our way or the highway.

Also in those days you did not go home and tell your parents what happened because then there was always the possibility that you would get a spanking because those nuns were right. LOL today.

Love to hear some of these moments.I regularly do what scares even the most adventurous traveler

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Dissolve usually means a military coup, or putting the ruling party out to pasture, etc. Hes probably not getting any cooperation from his congress, courts, etc so Ill show them whos in charge.
This may be a good thing but usually it ends up with a new Pres who may keep things peaceful, or not? or a dictator.
If I were Andy I would do some deep on line research before going in and possibly never coming out.
Good luck Andy!