Voodoo Christianity and Other Dangerous Killers

Learning about voodoo is an adventure, it is dangerous.

Voodoo, Christianity and Other Dangerous Killers

I am in Togo, West Africa today, and I believe an honest person writing about Voodoo should explain their own personal religion, before they grant power to voodoo. Although I do not believe in voodoo, the belief in voodoo by others has an annoying influence on my life; I cannot avoid voodoo in West Africa.

Voodoo Doll

Voodoo is fun and games West African culture to learn. But very dangerous, it can kill you, it is a dangerous adventure that can rob you of 20 years of life. It is as the same as playing with cocaine, it is best to avoid, and listen to others who became addicted, and never have first hand experience. Watch the movie, do not live it.
I will always be the student learning about West Africa, and never the master. It is very dangerous to learn about Voodoo, and other West African ways of thinking, it is a co-dependent cultural trap, like saying Shakira would not have her way with me, and other lies, like saying I would turn down an interview by CNN, let us be real, Voodoo and Religions work by using co-dependency and addictive cult like strategies to induce people to follow, and even give them all their lives savings.

Religions and Travelers are partners in crime while traveling the world, we see and experience the crimes of religions. We either help them, or we deny them, or we try to tolerate, no world traveler escapes alive, we are all contaminated. Voodoo is one of the scary ones, and Christians are deathly afraid of Voodoo which proves they believe in voodoo.

(Christians also believe in the fear of Vampires, Werewolves, and the movie Friday the Thirteenth, along with Horoscopes.)

I am Andy Graham, baptized a Christian by my parents in Orland, Indiana, a small farm town of 400 people in the United States of America. My first clear memory of Christianity was being forced to attend the Nazarene Church where the minister turned red because of screaming, alter call sucked, with people crying, and Sunday school was great. I cannot remember because I was a baby; however I believe I was baptized at the Congregational Church.

If you ask me my religion, I say “Lutheran.”

Religions is hazy memories, full of scary thoughts of hell, shrouded in the hope of church bells, and little kids dressed in shiny white and black clothing.

My first experience with Voodoo was humorous when a Ghana girl warned me to take care with my underwear. She was washing them, and said,
“Girls will steal your undies, do voodoo, on them and you will never be able to leave her.”
I replied,
“Here, steal a couple pair, and do what you want.”

I met a cute black girl in Apam, Ghana and she decided to come stay with me in Cape Coast, my first share-a-room with me black girlfriend, and wonderful blessing for a white boy traveling in Ghana, West Africa. It was the first time I was able to get my clothes hand washed by an African girl, a relief from washing them myself, with fringe benefits.

I sleep with a black Ghana girl, and she washes my clothes, and then indirectly threatens to steal my underwear to perform voodoo. What a rush, an erotic memory to say the least, something to use in a dime store love story book.

Voodoo is Real and has Power

There is also great power in Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Catholicism and all the other crazy scary religions. Let me think, it would be a difficult vote for me to decide, if I asked myself what I believe is more dangerous:
“Are Muslims, Christians or Atheist more fanatics, the zealots who force their beliefs on you?”

There is freedom of religion all right; all religions believe they have the right, and freedom to force others to listen.

Church bells for Christians.
Loud Speakers wailing for Islam’s.
Atheists witnessing there is no God at lunch.
There is no peace for the indifferent.

The all want to force me to listen to their testifying on what the believe, and do not get me talking about the Christians that convert to Buddhist, they are truly annoying to tolerate.

The power of voodoo is because people believe, and as a gentleman, scholar, and an American, I am told to be tolerant of people’s beliefs. And, with all religions, cults, or fanatics they do not allow me to avoid them, the people who celebrate super powers, vampires, and hobbits demand that I pay attention.

The Wicked Witch of the West from the movie the Wizard of Oz scared the shit out of me, need to run to the kitchen to hide the first time I watch it.

Voodoo scares people into submission.

Christian God gives you hope, so you can sit on your butt and wait, there is no reason to work, all is done for you, plus you can deny the other religions exists.

Islam is like a scary club, where nobody is willing to talk about it, as if the Hells Angels motorcycle group is riding into town to whack you.

Buddhist makes you feel guilty by passive aggressive nodding, incense and other lofty quotes, which are hazy and again covered or shrouded in mysterious sayings.

I think of Hindus, and I think dirty, but that is just an impression of India that is associated with the Hindus.
“Please put soap and toilet paper inside the toilets, and stop using your hand for this act of God.”

I truly think Christianity is the easy one, I ask for forgiveness; I am forgiven, with no need to do any works. Then all I have to do is say the 10 Commandments are to be obeyed, and when I disobey them, the Preacher will look the other way as long as I pretend to listen.

Catholicism is about the same as Islam or Judaism, full of a 1000 rules on how to bend over, so you believe properly, worship until you feel so guilty enough to have a crusade.

I am in Togo, West Africa maybe the Voodoo CENTER of the planet.

Voodoo is to scare you into behaving in West Africa.

Christian God, Catholicism, and Protestants in West Africa want you to feel guilty to behave, with the promise that believer will get a good life without working for it. Islamic people spend their day in ceremony, a great way to avoid work.

Voodoo is to scare me into submission.

I way lying in bed with a good Togo black girlfriend in Africa, and she said,
“Andy, Voodoo will never work on you.”
I asked,
“Why not?”
“You do not even believe a little, not even one percent.”

I am no saint, and I am no sinner, I am just Andy, I get up every morning and do my best to behave, and believe 100 percent in the concept of “Ahimsa.”
--- First do no harm,
I see myself more as an “Adventure Guru,” who can walk the razors edge, and only get nicked, not cut in two.

I am one of the lucky ones on the planet; I am a recovering alcoholic, who stopped living in hell over 25 years ago. My ability to keep evil thoughts from entering my brain allows me to walk with the devils in life, and never buy what they sell.

But, let me again tell you a traveler’s warning,
“Beware when you travel to the edge of the planet, for there be Dragons.”

Andy Graham
Kara, Togo West Africa February 1, 2013

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Comments 2


I went to a Catholic elementary school in the 40s with nuns for teachers. I remember an incident that pretty much changed the way I thought of organized religion for the rest of my life. I did something disruptive in class. 3rd or 4th grade and it was really minor.
The nun had me come to the front of the class where she said I needed to be punished. She then said something like, ask Gods forgiveness as she whacked my hand a few times, quite hard enough to make it red and it hurt but I refused to cry as I gritted my teeth.
As she did this she also said, remember that God loves you.
IAt the end of this wonderful inquisition type of punishment I then was sent to the principals office because I said,
if God loves me why are you hurting me in His name, He doesnt love me. (Im paraphrasing a bit as this was i the early 40s) but it did happen.
Ahhh, the good old days of our way or the highway.

Also in those days you did not go home and tell your parents what happened because then there was always the possibility that you would get a spanking because those nuns were right. LOL today.


OOPS, forgot to write in that the weapon used on my hand was a wooden ruler.

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