So You Paid A Bribe - Are You a Real Adventure Traveler?

Real Adventure Travelers seldom pay bribes, they can adapt, and avoid bribes, they are aware of the situations and avoid bribes.

Situational Awareness versus the Ability to Adapt

I have long mused on how to teach people to travel the planet safely, with the least amount of problems.

I am constantly trying to understand how my subconscious mind works; it has the ability to protect me in unexplainable ways. I am here in Ivory Coast, traveling alone, I regularly do what scares even the most adventurous traveler, I am able to live off the path, and able to deal safely with the most dangerous animal on the planet.


Bribes paid

The other day, I realized, I have not been forced to pay bribes to police in the last 15 years of my travel. I did pay a bribe to a policeman in Tijuana, Mexico maybe 30 some years ago.

I watched a movie called “Creation,” that in story form explained the book by Charles Darwin called, “The Origins of the Species.”

My subconscious, and conscious mind keeps remixing, and evaluating the idea of Charles Darwin. The anti-religion zealots lose the plot, and have agendas, the story is talking about the violent world we live in where many must die, so a few can live. The phrase, “Survival of the fittest,” Means little at first, of course the fittest will survive, but the more essential question is, “What made some more fit than others?” Darwin did not play games, he said, “The ability to adapt allows the fittest to survive.”

Rich people do get killed, proving them unfit, but so do poor… hehehe

For the last maybe seven years, I have thought to myself that my “Situational Awareness,” kept me safe, but that alone would not keep me safe. I must also have the ability to adapt to the situations. Otherwise, subconscious fears would make me find safer travel destinations, but in reality, only in Adventure situations do I feel alive, I need the challenge, just to keep the boredom at bay.

Paying a bribe is a “tell,” it is a sign, it tells me the person failed to adapt, the person was not situationally aware enough to avoid the police. And, was not smooth enough or incapable of adapting to the questions and ended up paying bribes. Now, I am talking about reactive payment of bribes, not pro-active bribes paid to force a situation to happen.

Not all will live through a bribe, some die, disappear, and are never seen again, and the family is left making inquiries until they finally stop. Talking to people who can remove your right to live is not savvy, wise, or good common sense, it is stupid, it is not a fit thing to do…. hehehe

Often, people pay bribes, or are in situations where they are forced, or their fear is so overwhelming, they offer money in ransom for their safety. They were never safe, before or after the bribe.

The failure was way before the payment of the bribe; the failure to adapt was when they entered a situation where another human being could force their will upon them.

And, if there is one thing a real adventure traveler should avoid, are any and all situations where they are forced to accept another person’s decision.

People do not pay bribes because they want to, they are forced to pay bribes, and they have no choice.

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