Nniigeerriiaa Trip 2013 by Andy Lee Graham

This is planning page for a trip across NNiiggeerriia in 2013, by Andy Lee Graham. I am also the chief travel writer for HoboTraveler.com.

Planning for Trip to Nniigeerriiaa in 2013

I am Andy Graham from Orland, Indiana,USA, and people as a fashion and reality talk bad about this country, as an American I have met many people in Tooggoo from this country. My biggest worry is they will talk me to death with never-ending dribble full of pride for their country, wrapped in incredible lies. Sometimes, everyone believes they should tell stories to USA citizens.

There is some major travel problems here:
1. Travelers to this country make it corrupt, because they drive cars, which is one of the best ways to pay bribes on the planet.

2. The travelers feel no remorse about talking bad about this country, and it is better bragging to say they was robbed, paid bribes, etc. Which, means to me the person failed, they did not succeed in Adventure travel.

3. The media focuses on two extremely bad areas, one is religious, and the other is fight over oil money. Danger is never generalized, it is about a specific area. For example, you have bad neighborhoods in a city, not a bad city in the USA.

4. This country may have the highest percentage of liars on the planet, but lying is not danger, it is more annoying, like the country is full of used car sales people. Christians from British colonies have an arrogance, and are prone to lyng in a "I am a King" way." Britich Colonies created a culture of talking down to people, or demanding we listen, as if English is a reason for respect.

adventure trip nat geo

I am in Le Galion Hotel in Lome, Tooggoo, I paid 7000 CFA per night for room 33, and paid 14 days in advance. It is Tuesday, the Hotel has free WIFI, and I have a Togocel “Cle” the USB modem, I am doing research on this country.


View Nigeria Overland Travel Map in a larger map

I was one time sitting in the TV room of the Galion, and a man from this country kept telling me it was a great country for USA investors.

I finally said,
“Is there anything I can say that would insult you enough to stop talking?”

I am going to the country, and I am hoping the people in country are great. Often, for example, Brits Abroad are 70 percent jerks, while in country, in England, they are 95 percent great, some people leave their countries to be jerks. Many USA criminals are now traveling the planet, a great way to avoid the law.

I do not care if you are not interested in this country this site is for real travelers, not just entertainment, it is real travelogue. So please click away, it is my life, not yours, time to grow up and click away, and stop getting angry at free speech.

The country has such a bad reputation, I am afraid to type it onto the page, for fear my Hosting Company and list server MailChimp.com will block my site, or shut me down. I am 100 percent sure that Gooooggllee does not want this country to exist, the internet has zero freedom of speech, and it is only money talk.

A person is not suppose to go to this country, it socially irresponsible, and unacceptable.

I am making plan to enter somewhere around April of 2013, and again, I get punished for using the date by Ggooggllee. This article is evergreen, and it not “News,” just a way for God to not index the whole web.

I am Andy Graham, I have ran an Internet business for 13 years, and I earn money with the Internet, so I apologize for my rants, it is stupid, anti-American, and anti-free speech to punish a company for writing about subjects that are not popular. There is nothing morally wrong with going to Nniigeerria.

Actually, I believe planning for this country will be more adventure in my mind, than actually in country.

Damn - I am buying Media Crap

The statistics of “Intentional Deaths,” show this country to be way below many countries I have already visited. There are 170 million people in this country, and I with human density, the number of problems for travel escalate.


Example: It is easier to travel in Indiana full of farmers, than in New York City full of who knows what?

Travel Strategy:

1. Above the human density area.

2. Below the non-Christian area.

3. Looking for farmer, not city folk.

4 I need to end up in the city at the end to get a visa.

I would call this,
"Off the path, off the grid is when there is no Guidebook for the country."

Andy Graham a White Boy from Orland, Indiana, USA

Photos Nniigeerriiaa Trip 2013 by Andy Lee Graham

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