How To Rob Tourists

I hope the rental car business booms worldwide, it would make the life of crime easier.

How to Rob Foreigners? We rob tourists for a living.

This is story, it is fiction, I am not a robber, but writing this story from the perspective of a criminal helps you know how to avoid being robbed.

No one is safe from criminals, but a few volunteer, I always want to say thank you. All you people wearing cameras around your neck, or driving cares make travel safer for me
Andy Graham World Traveler

perfect crime

(Just think, we can kill them, and hide their car, and nobody would ever know.)

Robbing foreigners is fun and highly profitable:

Generally, stealing money is a tricky business, as a criminal the goal is to make big money easy, and not allow my friends to know I am a crook. I do not care about the police; they are the same as me. With a little savvy, this is highly profitable and easy to do, and the chances of going to jail are almost zero, by only robbing foreigners.

First Step: Discover who has Money?
There are many signs of money, a wallet hanging out the back. A camera around the neck, a large bag of expensive items purchased. You can follow a person around, and watch what they buy; it is especially profitable to watch the ATM machine.

Personally, this is the best strategy, watch the bank machine, and wait for one foreigner to remove a big wad of money. Then follow the person, you cannot do this to locals, they may recognize you. Personally, it would be wise to track people as they leave the 5 Star Hotels, and go to the money machine, it is like double dipping, and they believe the 5 Star Hotel somehow makes them safe, but this tells me they are big spenders, the best targets.

It is always best to find tourists, they leave town quickly, and do not stay around to make your life as a criminal complicated.

I have a contact at one 5 Star Hotel, he often helps me, he tells me, these to fat people are on the way to the airport, and I have arrange the taxi. He tells me the time, and the taxi number, and we wait, the person must leave the country, what easy picking? My friend arranges the taxi, and we profit with this knowledge.

Second: Make sure they are leaving the city.
Foreign license plates driving down the road leaving the city, this is a good sign the foreigner is leaving. Most of the time, the rich foreigners have things pile in back. It makes it more complicated when the glass is heavy tinted. When they have a driver, this makes it exceptionally easy; often the driver is our partner. The foreigners believe a driver assigned by the Hotel safe. It is very hard for us to arrange a deal with a random taxi that is flagged down on the street, but any pre-arrange transport make our life of crime a breeze.

I prefer carjacking, it just makes sense, therefore I go about 5 miles down the road, to a deserted area, and I prepare to stop cars.

Third Step: My Partner Calls Me with a Cell Phone.
Ok, my partner is stationed at the ATM machine, watching, there is always one machine that is in the open. He waits for car with a foreigner to pull up, if we are lucky, 2-3 people take money from the machine. He then phones me, I am at the waiting spot, the money machine is on a road leading out of the city, and his or her car is pointed that way.

He calls me,
“Andy, there is white land rover coming.”

I like Toyota Land Rovers; they are huge, easy to spot, and not normally owned by locals. They are the car of fashion by foreigners; it is almost cliché, a land rover, a foreigner inside.

Again, foreigners are best, I need to live in this city, spend the money, and really my friends will not be angry if I am caught stealing from a foreigner. But robbing their uncle makes them mad, and my life is more difficult.

Not getting shot! Guns are no fun!

Fortunately, in 80-90 percent of the countries on the planet, the locals are not allowed to have guns. And, it is strictly forbidden, almost impossible for a foreigner to have a gun.

I am working the country of Ghana here in West Africa. It is easy to find foreigner living in Cote d’Ivoire, or Togo, with licenses plates from those countries. Like idiots, they come to Accra in their cars, and are soft targets for our gang, and Ghana polices are much more corrupt than other countries. It is amazing how English speaking countries are considered honest, just because they speak English; they never looked at the statistics for South Africa.

Final Step: The Robbery
I have a big tree branch, when the car approaches; we drag it out into the highway. I love foreigners, in their countries the driving schools train them to slow, and stop when there are road problems. The locals just speed on by, but the White Land Rover slows.

I pull the branch out, and hold up my hand saying halt, and get the person to pull of the road. If I am lucky, he jumps out of the car to come talk, we must stop the driver from stepping on the gas peddle. Recently, I purchase some steal plates with spikes, and a third partner now runs up and puts in front of the passenger wheel, one in front, and one in back.

We all jump out with machetes, but when I am richer, I am going to buy a gun.

OK, we take all their money, possessions, and cell phones, hoping they run scared onward and out of the country. On the way back, I stop at the local police area, and give the commander 25 percent of our take.

I love robbing foreigners it is easy money, there is nothing easier than stopping a car on a deserted stretch of land, and robbing people who have no legal right to carry a gun. The trick here is always to make sure the person is passing through the country.

But a good threat, talking about their wife, their house, and explaining my friends in the police department keeps them quiet. I suspect the foreigner finally accepts, he does not have any rights, nothing more fun to hear then,
“I am American; you cannot do this to me.”

My friend Joe is snatching cameras in the tourist area, and then sells them back to other tourists. Or, he take a knife and cuts the purse strap, and runs, this is all sort of tricky to do. I am thinking of recruiting him, this type of crime is difficult; he would like the easy work of robbing cars along deserted roads.

In the future, we hope to recruit some off duty police to help, it would be easier to stop car with them in uniform. I think the American police must be honest; all Americans seem to trust police, what a windfall.

I really envy Central American criminals, think about all the soft targets that drove their car from the USA down into Central America.

Andy Graham

I have been robbed 3 times in 15 years of perpetual travel, and 90 countries.
1. Italian man stole 20 dollars out of my backpack in Thailand.
2. Spanish people pickpocked my passport on a Madrid Subway, no money.
3. Dominican Republic drunk kid climbed the wall in Luperon, enter from the balcony and threaton me with a broken bottle. He got 80 dollars, mas or menos.

Most tourist refuse to admit they was robbed, it is embarassing, and for sure they hide robbery in Europe. Europe, Central America and South America are the dangerous places to travel, Asia and Africa are safer, but in Africa, the tourists brag about robbery or bribes to improve their adventure travel status.

Having a gun pulled on you is a sign of stupidity, not a sign of wisdom.

Andy Lee Graham

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