How to Monitor Wars for Adventure Travel with

There is a military web site called that will send you daily updates as to possible military, violence, and danger worldwide.

I am adventure traveler that enters countries that normal people consider nuts, too dangerous to even considers. Although people are not normally prone to killing other humans, there are places where violence flares up temporarily.

I see violence as a neighborhood thing, it is never or seldom countrywide, there are specific cities, or regions or religions that can be specifically dangerous.

I monitor violence with:

CNN alerts

Consular Sheets from the USA government.

Canada sends me daily opinions of problems.

However an ex-Vietnam veteran friend, who is connected sent me this site:

It gives you the skinny, the opinionated story, what you are not told by the political correct wimps of the planet.

Andy Graham in Kara, Togo West Africa, making a play on Nigeria, or maybe Sierra Leone and Liberia - March 2013.

Just when you think you understand the players, and the game, you learn you are still just sitting on first base.

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