Hey! Please Dont Dissolve the Ivory Coast Government - Im on the way there for Christmas 2012

I go to Ivory Coast for Christmas 2012, please President Alassane Ouattara allow Ivory Coast to have a government. (Cote dIvoire)

I read on BBC,
"Ouattara dissolves Ivorian government."

Aagh! Just when you think it is safe to come out an play, that small Cocoa producing country called Ivory Coast in West Africa throws away the rule book.

This sucks, I have plans to be in Ivory Coast (Cote d'Ivoire is correct) for Christmas of 2012, what am I to do if the country has no government?

I read on BBC, Fox, Guardian etc. that President  Alassane Ouattara of Ivory Coast has disolved the government. What the hell does "dissolved mean?"

Oh well, I would not be a real adventure traveler if it was not possible to get killed.

Ivory Coast

November 14, 2012 Headlines on BBC Ivory Coast Page
(I added the balloons.)

Bah ain't going to like it if I get killed.

Last time I was in Grand Bassam, she heard a rumour I was a spy, it scared her to death. Plus small wars make it hard to take tourist photos, this is not the time to dissolve the goverment of Ivory Coast.

Plus, I have already visited one war in that country, I want to find one on the way to South Africa, maybe in Nigeria, or Gabon, or a good riot South Africa.


Andy Graham in Ranong, Thailand

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Dissolve usually means a military coup, or putting the ruling party out to pasture, etc. Hes probably not getting any cooperation from his congress, courts, etc so Ill show them whos in charge.
This may be a good thing but usually it ends up with a new Pres who may keep things peaceful, or not? or a dictator.
If I were Andy I would do some deep on line research before going in and possibly never coming out.
Good luck Andy!


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