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Hello,this Adventure Travel Portal mission is to identify real adventure travelers on the planet. Who willing face the most dangerous animal on the planet, the other humans. Recommend a Real Adventure Traveler.

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Kpalime, Togo


Abbotsford Canada

Bella Sol

St Louis United States


Buenos Aires, Argentinien

Real Adventure Traveler Latest

Target Fixation Stops Situational Awareness

Travel theft, stolen luggage, police corruption and many travel problems are minimized with situation awareness that stops target fixation.

Napoleon Bonaparte Is My New Hero

Jesus Christ is the greatest salesman ever, yet Napoleon Bonaparte explains the secret of his success in words I understand.

Weapons: The 5 Weapons Available to Adventure Travelers

This video shows five weapons available to you as a world traveler, weapons airport security (TSA) will allow on planes.

How to Monitor Wars for Adventure Travel with

There is a military web site called that will send you daily updates as to possible military, violence, and danger worldwide.

How To Rob Tourists

I hope the rental car business booms worldwide, it would make the life of crime easier.

Nniigeerriiaa Trip 2013 by Andy Lee Graham

This is planning page for a trip across NNiiggeerriia in 2013, by Andy Lee Graham. I am also the chief travel writer for

Travel SOS Button is Installed in My Brain

This is NOT an SOS call for help, it is a Travel SOS, a Safety Optimization Strategy, how to make the best of dodgy adventure travel, and avoiding death.

Voodoo Christianity and Other Dangerous Killers

Learning about voodoo is an adventure, it is dangerous.

So You Paid A Bribe - Are You a Real Adventure Traveler?

Real Adventure Travelers seldom pay bribes, they can adapt, and avoid bribes, they are aware of the situations and avoid bribes.

Burma also Known as Myanmar

Burma also known as Myanmar is a country in Southeast Asia, between Thailand and Bangladesh or India, it is sometime a dangerous adventure.

Adventure Travel Photos By Andy Lee Graham

This is where I am will collect adventure travel photos, these photos were all taken by me, Andy Lee Graham. I have 20,000 photos.

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